VISION: Our vision is to be the premier procurement services company in Nigeria

MISSION: At E-Procure Ltd, we offer procurement solutions at the best possible cost to meet the needs of our clients in terms of Quality, Quantity, Time and Location. OUR CORE VALUES:

INTEGRITY– We are honest, fair and ethical in all interactions.

COMMITMENT-As a service provider, we are committed to the success of our clients exceeding their expectations in terms of service delivery and after sales care. We are also committed to protecting the interest of all stakeholders(shareholders, employees and partners) productively  consistently delivering high return on investment.

EXCELLENCE– We do the right thing at the right time, putting our best in all we do.We continually seek ways of improvement and development in all we do for our clients both internal and external.

TEAMWORK- We value and respect each other, we work together to achieve shared goals collaboratively striving to ensure client satisfaction.

RESPONSIBILITY– We follow directions, complete tasks within stipulated times and take ownership of choices, words and actions.

RISK – While our clients focus on their core deliverables, we absorb their risk and reduce it to the barest minimum ensuring that our clients receive confirmed, secured and hitch free products thereby enabling our clients make an optimal supply market decision, speeding up the sourcing cycle and ensuring quality of service.